Les Patrons Cuisiniers

Les Patrons Cuisiniers is a club of ambitious friends, a gastronomic family with branches all over the Netherlands, crossing regions, generations, and backgrounds. We’re united in our love of quality and traditional culinary skills, and our shared quest for the ultimate in flavour. 

Warmth and respect

Together we’ve survived crises, celebrated successes, said farewell to much-loved colleagues, and welcomed new talent. We’ve forged close ties over the years, rooted in trust, respect, and enjoyment of one another’s company. At a time when people increasingly communicate via screens rather than face to face, we come together to develop ourselves and our businesses, and surprise our guests. We share a great deal of warmth and a genuine interest in one another’s visions and skills. 

Sharing and giving

Any of us could go racing ahead on our own, but we prefer to continue this journey together. Sharing makes us all better people, so we exchange insights, organise joint events, and help one another to grow and succeed. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. We’re a team, and we learn a lot by talking about food: not just its flavour, but also the business opportunities and challenges it presents.

We share what we have, because we don’t believe in keeping it to ourselves. That includes suppliers, events, ideas, contacts, and expertise. Quality breeds quality, which is why Les Patrons Cuisiniers was created: its founders were convinced that it could enrich, strengthen and deepen Dutch gastronomy.


We’re choosy. We seek out the finest products and talents, and take great care in selecting new Patrons. Membership of Les Patrons Cuisiniers is a mark of quality, friendship, and enjoyment of the good things in life, and when we welcome someone to our ranks, they join a group of friends that’s generous with its time and talents. The more experienced Patrons share their expertise with those at the beginning of their careers, who in turn provide a different perspective on the future of the business and its guests. Together, we take gastronomy forward by nourishing one another with knowledge. 

Making a contribution

We also contribute to the wider community, for example in our annual breast cancer gala, where we provide our talents for free in a small contribution to making the world a better place. We are happy and thankful to come together and use our skills for such a good cause.