About Les Patrons Cuisiniers

Les Patrons Cuisiniers was established on 14 October 1991 by Cees Helder, Henk Savelberg, Toine Hermsen, John Halvemaan, Constant Fonk, Maartje Boudeling, John Kern, Emmanuel Mertens and Paul Fagel. These nine founders, who are all passionate professionals, agreed that the standard of craftsmanship, culinary creativity and the quality of gastronomy in the Netherlands could be brought to a higher level.

Thanks to their continuous efforts, Dutch gastronomy has matured. Today, the recognition of, and interest in Dutch Cuisine is greater than ever.

Now including three generations of patrons, the culinary society currently has 22 members who, although they each have their own unique style, will always be closely connected in their pursuit of perfection.