Grand Gala des Patrons

Each year all patron cuisiniers come together to offer you a wonderful gastronomic experience. The upcoming Gala will take place in January 2023.

Roaring Twenties gala Les Patrons Cuisiniers with feet in the sand
What was planned as a sunset diner at Beachclub O. turned into a culinary evening in the Wintertuin at Hotels van Oranje. On monday September 6th, 23 patrons good for 28 Michelin stars among them, cooked their hearts out under Edwin Vinke’s** exemplary leadership. The gastronomic excellence started with the reception featuring caviar, champagne, and appetizers like a wagyu bara, rhubarb lobster, and oysters with duck liver, all the way to o a sitting dinner with anjou pigeon ‘a la romaine.’ Accompanied by the finest wines and spirits, of course.

We feel fortunate to have been given the opportunity to present our beautiful dishes and flavors to you at our legendary grand gala. It’s a wonderful opportunity to be amongst friends holding great events and learning from each other’s vast experience.


Check out all the behind the scenes photos from the Grand Gala 2021
We selected the best behind the scenes photos from the unmissable evening. Food Inspiration translated the evening into a spectacular video feature. Perfect to relive the awesome moments or get yourself in the mood for next year!

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