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24 passionate chefs. one mission: perfection

'Passion is what drives
and connects us'
Frank Visser, Chairman Les Patrons Cuisiniers

Honored guests,

We look back at the strange year that was 2020. A hard year, filled with sorrow and pain, a year that felt like an endless battle. The Patrons Cuisiniers, too, have had to weather unexpected blows and have been forced to shelve plans which they meant to further improve and refine themselves and strengthen the connections they make possible. But we have also seen wonderful and beautiful things. Because our Patrons have exemplified a positive attitude, a drive to innovate, and an entrepreneurial spirit during this crisis.

A highlight of 2020 has been welcoming Thomas van Santvoort of restaurant Flicka* as a new member of our association. And equally as positive as Thomas joining: all our Patrons are still here, have remained members and are without exception excited for a new year that shows the light at the end of this tunnel. A year where hopefully we can once again meet, connect, entertain, and entice with our wealth of knowledge, quality, and talent.

2021 will be a banner year. Each and every one of our Patrons is looking forward to the moment they can finally welcome their guests again and surpass their expectations. Because the guests have been their rock this past year. It has been unforgettable how between lockdowns our Patrons all saw a flood of reservations. The support of the guests has been one of the greatest gifts of 2020 and has infused all our Patrons with the energy they need to make 2021 the best possible culinary year.

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