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25 passionate chefs. one mission: perfection

'Passion is what drives
and connects us'
Frank Visser, Chairman Les Patrons Cuisiniers

Dear guest,

It’s been a difficult few years for Les Patrons Cuisiniers, but we have a huge amount to be grateful for and look forward to. Perhaps most importantly, all our restaurants have kept their heads above water, and are brimming with enthusiasm as they get back to what they most enjoy: combining quality, skill, and attention to detail as they conjure up lunch and dinner for guests.

The pandemic has been tough. We hope the coming years will be easier for the restaurant sector, so we can focus entirely on innovative gastronomy and effortless hospitality. All our Patrons are hugely motivated, and when they were forced to close, they didn’t sit there twiddling their thumbs. They shared their knowledge with one another, and learned about new techniques, cultures, flavours, and products.

The last few years have given the Patrons a chance to adopt new perspectives and look differently at business. Some have even opened new restaurants and developed exciting new concepts. They’ve used this time to improve and expand their skills and achieve a better work-life balance. They’ve focused on finding local suppliers, looking after their employees, and putting even more emphasis on healthy, high-quality, sustainable ingredients. As a guest, you’ll reap the benefits.

And that’s why they do it. The biggest compliment they’ve received is that as they reopen, so you’ve returned, motivating them to provide even more exciting and inspired cooking and hospitality. Welcome. We’ve missed you.

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