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Positions at our Patrons’ restaurants are much sought-after. Are you looking for a job in the kitchen or front-of-house? We advise you to regularly visit this recruitment page.

Jef Schuur has vacancy for: Future Chef de Partie +Chef de Rang  (living space available):

Jarno Eggen has a vacancy for Trainee Chef :

Lars van Galen has vacancies for Sous Chef + Chef de Partie: 

André van Alten has vacancies for: Trainee Host/Hostess + Trainee Chef:

Wilco Berends has vacancies for: Assistant Maître + Chef de Rang + Trainee Host per 1 September:

Egon van Hoof has vacancies for: Pattisier:

Thomas Groot & Richard van Oostenbrugge have a vacancy for: Host/ Sommelier per 1 September : 

Dennis Huwaë has a vacancy for: Trainee Chef + Trainee Host + Host/Hostess: 

Menno Post has a vacancy for Assistant Sommelier + Chef de Partie:

Erik van Loo has vacancies for: Chef de Rang + Trainee Host/Hostess per 1 September:

Jos Grootscholten has vacancies for: Chef de Partie + Trainee Host/Hostess +Trainee Chef:

Thijs Meliefste has a vacancy for: Trainee Host/Hostess:

Edwin Vinke has a vacancy for: Service Employees:

Yuri Wiesen has vacancies for:  Chef de Partie/ Sous Chef + Trainee Host/Hostess + Trainee Chef:

Soenil Bahadoer has a vacancy for Host /Hostess:

René Brienen has vacancies for: Sous Chef + two Chefs de Partie/ Trainee Chef per 1 September:

Eric Swaghoven has a vacancy for Chef de Partie: 

Henk Savelberg has vacancies for: Sous-Chef:


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